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Legal, Risk & RegTech: Justitia innovates!

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The legal profession goes back to ancient times. From the days of goddess Justitia till its current day practises, due to the nature of the profession, the legal sector usually lags behind in terms of innovation compared to other industries. Generic Fintech courses are often focused on tech savvy participants at the forefront of these revolutions, not always relevant to the reality of a risk, legal or regulatory professional. NUS has developed an unique executive course addressing legal, risk and compliance developments, triggered by emerging technologies that are relevant in the day to day business context of your work. This course is designed for legal, regulatory and risk practitioners interested in optimizing their work and services to their clients’ needs, using the opportunities becoming available as a result of the fast advancing solutions in the technology sector. What are Blockchain, Robotics, AI, NLP, etc.? And more importantly, how will these new technologies impact you and your clients?

Course Objectives

This NUS executive course will explain the different technological concepts that are relevant in the risk, legal and regulatory industry. At the end of this course you will have a good overview of the advances that have already arrived and are yet to come that will allow you to reap the full benefits for the execution of your work and the service for your clients.
Next to understanding the technologies and how it can impact your clients and your own business, participants will also get to know current regulations around the usage of these technologies.
Furthermore participants will gain insights through latest market research, relevant use cases and first-hand experience by demonstrating technology solutions.

Course Outline

You will learn how the major emerging technologies work, when are they applied and make sense to be used, current constraints and regulation around these technologies, use cases and ready-made SaaS as well as the impact on legal, risk and compliance profession and how to embed it best into your current business. The following topics will be covered and given context in terms of RiskTech, LegalTech and RegTech:
• Artificial intelligence, machine learning, natural language processing, optical character recognition
• Robotic process automation and legal chatbots
• Blockchain and authentication by consensus, smart contracts
• Fraud detection and analytics, cybersecurity
• Digitization, Digitalization, Digital Transformation
• Big data and data analytics, power of visualization
This executive course is practically oriented and at the end of the second day, you will have developed your own Tech Strategy relevant to your specific business.

Who should attend?

Risk Management professionals, Compliance Officers, Legal Counselors and Law Practitioners from law firms, financial institutions and consulting services.

Course Duration

2 days


Claudia Marcusson
Guest Speaker Professor Yu Chien Siang

Course Fees

Course fees: $2568(inclusive of GST)

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Download registration form and email to soc-ace@nus.edu.sg


“In times of innovation and constant change, you will not get what you always got if you just do what you always did.”